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  Natural resources of any country together with the human resources are fundamental elements of economic development and grow, but among them only the mineral resources are not renewable. Therefore it is vitally important to apply the most effective scientific methods with sound technical and engineering principles to achieve the highest efficiency in utilizing all mineral resources. Approval of the law for establishment of Iranian Mining Engineering Organization (IMEO) by parliament on principals, together with encouraging the maximum participation of professional mining engineers in Iranian mining activities. Objectives and Responsibilities The main objective and responsibilities of IMEO are including: A More efficient utilization of non-renewable national mining resources. B Definition and classification of mining engineering occupational and professional activities. C Facilitating of promotion and upgrading professional engineering in mining. D Propagation of the fundamental sound technics in mining engineering. E Improving engineering services and and supervision for sustaining such improvements. F Improving technical knowledge of persons who are involved in mining sector. G Creating advanced technical regulations and supervising for implementation of them to ensure improvement on safety and hygien standards, efficiency, environmental protechtion and economy in mining industries. H Facilitating mutual cooperation between ministry of industries and mines and nongovernment professional and engineering organizations who are active in mining sector. I Providing foundations for contribution of mining experts in preparation and implementation of development plans for the country. J Promoting relations between Iranian and international mining engineering circles commissioning representative for mining scientific and technical events. Professional Licenses According to article No.4 of IMEO act, being a member of IMEO and holding a professional graded license, issued by ministry of industries and mines, is required for any person who is engaged in those mining avtivities which are defined by ministry. The Central Council of Iranian Mining Engineering Organization consists of 11 people and its duration is 3 years. The General Board selects 7 people out of its own members and introduced 8 persons out of the General Board members or other members of the Organization to the Minister of Industries, Mines and trades, and then the Minister in turn select 4 people out of them. The number of the members of Central Council from different fields is in this arrangement: Mining 4 people, Geology 3 people, Extractive Metallurgy 2 people, Surveying: 2 people.

1.Department of educaƟon Improve technical knowledge and skills of the members The members of the organization are required to attend training courses The responsibilities and duties of the department: Designing different training courses Carrying out periodical polls and acknowledging (recognizing) educational needs at different levels Monitoring and evaluation of the training courses Formulating educational strategies and policies Designing the yearly educational plan according to needs, credit resources, suggestions by specialized fields of organizations or provinces. 2- Research department This department carries out basic research for empower engineering organization and improves quantitative and qualitative services The responsibilities of this department: Writing instructions on how to conduct research activities Choosing the subject and title of research projects Specifying the project execution method Choosing the project executor Drafting project contracts Supervision of projects Informing authorities about research results Contacting universities ,research centers, the ministry of industry, mine and trade, organizations and engineering formations for exchanging information related to research topics 3- Database The databases of the Iranian Mining Engineering Organization are: Database of mines of the country: This database is now the most comprehensive database of mines and is used frequently by government organizations and the private sector Members’ database: This database contains information about natural and legal people such as full details and comprehensive information about specialized fields, training courses, professional permits . work experience etc. This database is kept secretly . Database of experts: This database was built for finding elites and experts Database of professors: This database contains information about professors, their CV and teachers of the training courses run in the Iranian Mining Engineering Organization. Database of inspection reports: Getting information about the condition of mines for supervising them and longterm planing and increasing efficiency and productivity of mines are the goals of inspection Database of reports by technical managers: a technical manager is required to record current Information of mines in this system and to report to the mining engineering organization located in their province. Database of mining accidents: This database contains data and information about mining accidents .

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